Monday, January 3, 2005

Webmin and Clamav

Being new to Linux, I cannot say how much of a blessing webmin is...I can't imagine linux without it, especially coming from the windows world.

The second best thing is free antivirus...clamav. Clam is great for scanning email...Clam can be found at There you'll find links to RPM's which make the install easy. Also, you'll find links to a neat little program called clamassassin which is used to help scan email..see below.

Webmin can be used to help setup your email. I'm going to post tricks and tips that I had a hard time finding here so that others may benefit (or me if forced to reinstall).

On Webmin, if you get:

WARNING: Your version of clamav is not compatible with this module

Then you need to upgrade the clamav installation. For example, with the webmin clam module 0.5.3, the required clam versions are 0.80 and higher..

It's not an installation issue

To make life easy, just install the RPM's. Go to and find the links for the appropriate distro.


Clam is great to use for email. Use it with clamassassin (no RPM for this program, just copy it to /usr/local/bin/clamassassin2 and extract the tar.gz there and then run

make install

NOTE: use --enable-subject-rewrite so that you know when the message has a virus by a modification in the subject line.

I hate compiling stuff as it intimidates me being a linux newbie but this is easy as cake.

Then use webmin's procmail server app to create the following rules below. (Choose edit configuration manually). I use a "reject" account where I send all my spam. All mail is scanned, spamassassin doesn't see email labeled as virus, this is simply sent to the reject bin -- as you can see I have attachments sent to reject as well for safety. :

| /usr/local/bin/clamassassin

* ^X-Virus-Status: Yes

* !^X-Spam-Status: Yes
| /usr/bin/spamassassin

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

* name=.*\.(cpl|bat|exe|pif|scr|vbs)

hopefully this will help someone out...or me if I do a reinstall


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