Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Medformula 1.8

I've been programming like crazy lately and so more changes are coming faster than ever to MedFormula - My goal is to create a multifunction application that combines many ideas into one. Just this week an ABG module was added as well as MELD Scoring for liver disease!


A new medical palm pilot calculator not like the others!! We combine a sophisticated Cholesterol ATP III Calculator + Framingham Score with the traditional medical formula calculators. Other included calculators: Anion Gap, MDRD and standard creatinine clearance, Pneumonia Severity Index, Apache II Scoring, Ranson's Criteria, Sodium Deficit, FeNA. Phenytoin and Calcium/Albumin corrections as well as Child/Pugh and MELD Score (recent additions).

NEW in Version 1.8:
We include a deluxe ABG analysis module as well.

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