Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lock screen on a damaged iPhone screen/digtizer - how to enter the pin

So, I droppped my phone shattering the screen and digitizer.  It no longer recognized touch input on the screen and the screen was dead.   The home button still worked.  This was an iPhone 6s.

I had to do some research on how to unlock my iphone after damaging my touch screen.  I was able to do it!  And then backup my iPhone saving all the pictures and content!

Here's how

1. Lightning to HDMI adapter - with this I was able to see my phone's lock screen (and later drawer after it was unlocked) - find it at staples or apple store or online (amazon).  This is a great little accessory to have as you can stream content from your phone to an HDMI PC anywhere on the go (travel etc).  I already had this part.

2. Lightning to USB adapter - Normally, these are used for cameras and other accessories but it can be used to hook up a USB keyboard (in my case I used a Costco logitech wireless keyboard from my PC - it worked fine (any wireless keyboard should do) - I inserted the Unifying keyboard USB part of the keyboard into the adapter and was able to type my unlock code on the logitech keyboard.  I ordered this part on amazon:

In my case, that's all I had to do - if you haven't previously synced your phone with your PC you may need to turn on voiceover in siri and/or use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar) to select Trust this computer when the prompt appears on the phone screen.   Instructions for that can be found here:

in iTunes, backup the phone and choose encrypt backup to make sure all content is backed up!

UPDATE:  You can also turn on voiceover using Siri.  Then open the settings app using siri.  Then hookup your USB keyboard as above and use left and right arrows and follow along using another phone or iPad for the settings menu options.  I was able to navigate to iCloud settings (listen for the prompts from voiceover and follow the menu along on another iOS device) and then using Up + DOWN arrow (press simultaneously) to select and then move left right to toggle photo library backup on.


  1. Prashant, I can't figure out how to make this work. After one gets the message to enter password, do you unplug from PC and iTunes and plug in the USB dongle for wireless keyboard -- and then enter the passcode?

    1. This seems like a legitimate issue ... How can you have the phone plugged into the keyboard and the computer at the same time?

  2. Hi Prashant Please share me your mail address. I want your advice on my Iphone 6s damage. Here is my mail address (

  3. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS TUTUORIAL. I was stuck until I read this. I could not for the death of me figure out how to SELECT something.

    Although I may be late, the way I got around to backing up my device with a damaged iPhone 6+, 9.3.3, digitizer:

    Assuming you've never paired your iPhone to the BT keyboard before, you can read all down, and if you have, then you can skip down step 8.

    1. Have two keyboards. (One Bluetooth, and another wired)
    2. Use a lightning to USB A Adapter to connect the wired keyboard
    3. Turn Voiceover On (hopefully the home button works and Siri is turned on)
    4. Input password. (You may have to connect / disconnect keyboard until the device recognizes the input)
    5. Once you're unlocked, tell Siri to "Turn on Bluetooth."
    6. Tell Siri to "Open Bluetooth settings."
    7. With the help of Voice Over and the arrow left and right keys on the keyboard, you can scroll down to connect to the BT device, if it isn't already To select, use Up and Down arrows simultaneously, and you should connect to the BT keyboard.
    8. With the keyboard connected, you can disconnect the Lighting to USB A adapter, and plug the iPhone to the PC.
    9. The PC will ask to verify on iPhone, and iPhone will ask to either Trust or Not Trust.
    10. Just like with step 7, use Voice Over and the arrows to get to Trust, then press UP+DOWN arrow keys simultaneously.
    11. PROFIT.

    Thanks again!!!

    1. got all the way to step 10 but on an iPhone 7 running the latest IOS pressing up+down simultaneously just has Siri repeat" trust this computer?" repeatedly

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  5. hooked my Logitech keyboard up to the “Apple camera connector dongle”
    Then plugged that into the device.

    My device touch screen is non responsive. I thought I had lost everything and so many things were not replaceable.

    I want to personally thank you.

    Once the keyboard was hooked up. I have full access to everything using voiceover which I turned on using Siri. The left and right keys move everything around.
    Control + alt + spacebar.....selects things.

    I was able to create a restore point and give the computer.....the trust icon it needed. After that I was able to sync my device to another device and save everything manually.

    I will replace the digtizer now. But it’s all safe.

    Thank you again.

  6. Thank you, I need to go pick up the lightening to USB adapter mentioned.

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