Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Palm Pre Tips and Battery Life

Palm Pre Tips List:

A. Battery Life
-set email to check every 6 hrs instead of more often
-screen brightness to lowest setting
-turn OFF GPS under location services when possible
-Use WI-FI if available, otherwise turn it off. (Saves power by using
WiFi instead of 3G when possible)
-Battery life does seem to improve with use (Conditioning phenomenom).
-Turn OFF Google Talk or AIM by clicking on Green round circle and picking Sign OFF from the messaging application when possible.

B. In General
-if screen goes dead everytime you use phone, might be something interfering iwth the proximity sensor (special sensor that turns off screen when holidng up to ear). IN my case, it was the dumb plastic screen cover it ships with....just remove it and use the velvety pouch it comes with instead (or get a real screen protector).

Overall - I'm loving it!!

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