Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mandriva 2007.0 Installation

I just installed mandriva 2007 over this past weekend. As usual I expected a few isssues when re-installing a linux configuration, especially since mandriva 2007 is used to power this server. However, some problems encountered were unusual and I will post them here for future reference or if anyone else has the same problem:

1. Mailman - an error exists in the mailman supplied where the language parameter in the mm.cfg file is 'EN-US' where the correct parameter is 'EN' - you will only see a 'bug found in mailman' as the error message - you need to turn on error display in the driver file in \usr\lib\mailman\scripts. Once this was fixed, I copied the previous server mailing lists over and then ran bin/check_perms -f to fix file permissions. q-runner in the /var/lib/mailman directory required a manual change of permissions. Also, ran bin/mmsitepass to setup admin password. So mailman was up

2. Ilohamail - straightforward basically, but be sure to google 'ilohamail manual' and set permissions chmod, chown for the 4 folders inside the /usr/lib/ilohamail folder

3. Webmin - a diasaster! Completely uninstall webmin supplied by default and download the rpm from the webmin website

4. B2Evo - requires php-xml - not included in the mandriva CD - search for version appropiate to your php build

5. Apache - no major problems, mod_auth_mysql is actually included, certificates to be placed in /etc/ssl and then transfer mod_ssl conf from /etc/httpd/modules.d of prior server

6. Misterhouse - run with -tk=0 parameter (perl /usr/local/mh/bin/mh -tk=0) to prevent shell window (and to prevent crashing!)

7. Postfix - move all /home/ folders but set persmissions for mail folder with chown -R for that user (chown -R xx.xx xx). Then move main file from /var/spool/mail but permissions need fixing

8. Procmail - just copy existing rules to new server via webmin

9. Mysql 5.0 - /etc/my.cnf needs "skip-networking" disabled to allow port 3306. Also, the word "Call" cannot refer to a table without a database prefix (probably because this is a command word now - not so in mysql 4.0). Had to change all code to say "test.Call"

10. Clamassassin 1.2.3 - not compatible, use 1.2.2 or end up with MKTEMP errors - anyone know of a fix?

Once your server is running be sure to "Ghost" an image of it (I use acronis true image 9.0 rescue disk) When restoring a ghosted image, be sure to use the rescue mode from the install CD 1 to reset the boot loader. (Otherwise ghosted copy won't boot!!)

11. Mandriva rpmdrake - the update tool is missing a option to select all updates at once:

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