Saturday, February 12, 2005

Reinstalling Mandrake and Mods
1. Install 10.0
2. Make RAID partitions during install by setting expert mode
2a.Don't Install Postfix
2b.Set Screen Resolution 1024x768 before finishing install
3. Create a mirror image using the hardware RAID control BIOS
4. Reinstall both drives on primary IDE (Hda/Hdb)
3. Install Webmin and start webmin process
4. Upgrade Webmin (1.180-1.rpm) as of this write
5. Run Mandrake Update
5a.Change a bad mirror using software media manager
6. Install : Spamassassin, Mozilla, apache2-mod_auth_mysql_2.0.48_1.11
php-mysql, mysql, libmysql, sendmail, mailman, logwatch, php-xml
7. Create Samba servers for /home, usr, var, etc
8. Install dovecot-imap, squirrelmail, clamav, webminclam, ddclient, from uploaded files thru webmin's package installer
9. Copy /var/mail, /var/lib, /var/log, /usr/local/mh, /home, to their respective directories (using a windows computer helps)
10.Set mailman permissions correctly (bin/check_perms)
11.Set home folder permissions for each home folder correctly using chown x.x x (use webmin command shell)
12.Set /var/mail 's permissions correctly and chown
13.Copy Misterhouse into /usr/local/mh
14.Create bootup/shutdown action for misterhouse
15.Install clamassassin (see sepearte post)
16.Copy etc/mail to new server
17.Copy httpd/conf's to new server
18.Copy ssl to new server
19.Copy procmailrc, aliases, and ddclient and dovecot.conf to new system
20.Create a newbackup RAID image for hdb incase boot changed using hardware RAID bios

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