Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Is there such a thing as "magmic activity"

Ok, well no one can predict earthquakes...but for some time now I have observed a pattern in, what I like to call, "magmic" activity from time to time. Don't you find it concidential that Mount Saint Helens is about ready to erupt, plus the parkview/san jose quakes occuring and now one in bakersfield.

I've seen this before with earthquakes in turkey, coinciding with earthquakes in mexico or elsewhere. Or is it that the media likes to report similar sounding stories just to catch the public's interest?

Yes, it all based on hunches and probably no scientific data is out there to back this up, but earthquakes and volcanic activity almost seem to come in clusters.

Maybe someday this will be proven. Well, at least I can say that I predicted this all along.

I hope we don't have a big earthquake down here but then again this is southern california and we have to be realistic. Best to be prepared!

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